Worlds Okayest Scuba Diver

Gulf Coast Underwater Photographer Rebecca McCall 

About Me


 I am a Florida native and Gulf Coast underwater photographer. My love for all things underwater began when I was taught scuba diving at early age. I started having these amazing encounters with animals and would do my best to tell the stories but I always fell short. I realized most of my friends would never get to experience this incredible world and I wanted to do something about that. That was when my desire to start taking photographs began. 

Most people don't know this, but scuba diving is an all- day adventure. From preparing your dive gear, to getting the boat ready, to traveling to the dive spot… it’s a long day. An average dive is 45 minutes and a typical depth is anywhere from 60 feet to 130 feet. Most dive boats do 2 dives in a day. This limits the amount of time we spend with our subjects, not to mention you never know what the clarity of the water will be each dive. Every second underwater, you’re met with an incredible amount of responsibility and caution. One wrong move and your day will end a lot differently than anticipated. Although there is an aspect of danger to scuba diving, I prefer it to being on land. 

Any underwater photograph that brings a smile to someone’s face who would not otherwise experience life under the waves is what brings me joy. 

Thank you for supporting me in this adventure. 



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-Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center

8740 Gulf Blvd Navarre FL 

-SeaGlass Beach Cottage

4100 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Gulf Breeze FL 

-Springhill Suites

8375 Gulf Blvd

Navarre Beach FL